Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reputation Strikes Again

A while back, I talked about how a reputation is the most important thing a writer can have. Today I can give you a concrete example; concrete meaning "money in the bank."

About a week ago, an editor I'd worked with in the past, posted an invitation to "pinch hit" for an anthology that had come in a little short. She needed stories, on a particular theme, and she needed them in a few days. This Tuesday, the check for my story arrived in the mail, and Steve's check arrived the next day.

What does reputation have to do with this? Well, when I wrote back saying I would like to send a story, I was welcomed. And when I produced and submitted the story in the short time limit, I reinforced her trust that I could produce acceptable work in a short time. Will we get a call next time there's an open spot? I'd say the chances are good.