Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words

You know, sometimes you just have to brag. This is the cover of my latest book, Dream House a romance from Five Star Books. And since it's worth a thousand words, I don't need to say much more.

But I will anyway.

Romance is one of those things people hate to admit they read. But romance novels account for a large percentage of book sales, both new and used. The promise of a happy ending appeals to women, and men, of all social and economic strata. In fact, the demographics of the romance reader is a rather fascinating subject. According to a recent study, romance readers are better-educated than the general population, and a higher percentage describe themselves as being in a happy relationship. So much for the image of a sad, lonely, uneducated woman living through the pages of a book.

So I say it proudly: I write romance. I give my readers a happy ending, and I refuse to apologize for it. Call me a Pollyanna if you want, but I believe in love, and I know happy endings do happen.

And that's the truth!


Phaedra said...

Ooh... pretty...

Laine Morgan said...

And just because we write romances, doesn't mean we can't write as well as mainstream authors, either. We've chosen to write romances, not because they are easy to write (they aren't), but because we believe in that happy ending, we like to write that happy ending. Writing romances is to me, fun, and a way to destress my life.