Sunday, April 10, 2005

Going Coastal

A few years ago, I realized that every seven years I had to blow up my life, sometimes in very dramatic fashion. Since I am starting year six of the cycle, I figured I needed someplace to keep track of whatever the next step is. There have been good ones, like marriage and children, bad ones, like divorce, and scary ones. Like the year I quit my job without a new one, moved three hundred miles away without a place to stay, and where I knew about three people.

Six years ago, I bought a house, took a new job, and moved to the Oregon coast. I love it here, and don't plan to move again. Ever. How can beat an office overlooking the beach, with a decent salary attached, and a house four blocks from the ocean?

But I know my seven-year cycle is warmimg up, so watch this space!

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